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Repair guides for the 15-inch version of Microsoft's 4th-generation Surface Laptops, released on April 13, 2021.

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Is the Battery Replacable?

Is the battery replaceable on the Surface Laptop 4 15"? Also do they sell replacement batteries for the laptops?

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Sonny Medrano looks like it's possible but a royal PITA. Anyhow, go through the service guide published by Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 And 4 English Service Guideand check this video as well (yes 13" model but looks like the step are very similar) and see if that is something you want to tackle. I have not yet found the right battery. Microsoft will charge you $400 for an out-of-warranty Battery Replacement service. Dang that is nice of them :-)

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This is what the service manual that Microsoft published says:

Block Image

And the "Illustrated Service Parts List" section make no mention of a bottom case assembly/backplate cover, where the battery would be found if it can't be separated. If a component is not listed as replaceable, then you won't be able to order it from a device reseller:

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