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A1418 / EMC 3069 / 2017 / 3.0 GHz quad-core i5, 3.4 GHz quad-core i5 or 3.6 GHz quad-core i7 Processor. Released June 8, 2017.

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Do I need an iMac memory module thermal pad?

Well the iMac has been taken apart.

I have found that the previous owner did an ifixit upgrade to 32gb as the modules have the ifixit logo. However they don’t have the thermal pad.

I have 16 gb of new crucial Mac certified ram, which I am about to install but no thermal pad. I wonder is it essential?

if so what size or thickness or type do I need?

I also noticed what looks like corrosion on one of the Bluetooth antennas. Should I be worried? Do I have to replace?

Block Image

I also found this (a square black sticker) stuck at a random angle on the back of the display. It’s about the right size and shape to cover the cpu, but perhaps it’s supposed to be stuck on the display to protect it from cpu heat?

Block Image

Any help much appreciated.

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@colmstiofan That black sticker looks similar to what I've seen on iFixIt/3rd party iMac display adhesives. I would not worry about it unless it impedes airflow or something.

I don't spot any corrosion from your photos, like @danj said , the color is a bit off, but that is normal from heat after some time, depending the conditions the machine was kept in.

Thermal pads on RAM is never required, and is really only common on laptops and small form factor machines, I would not worry about it on your iMac.

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Generally you don't need any thermal pads on the RAM. While they do get warm you're not going to push them to failure.

I would get a good thermal monitoring app like TG Pro it will allow you to monitor you systems temps and allow you to boost the fan when you are running something that pushes things.

The frame looks a tinge off in its color, but I don't think its corrosion. I would leave it be,

As far as the odd sticker I would leave it be as well. The few 21.5" systems I've done I don't remember seeing it so it just could be a fluke as it really doesn't offer any protection from heat, it just offers some insulation from something shorting.

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