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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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Power on without the button

Hello, a customer dropped off the macbook to me claiming it may have water damage. I have replaced the battery to no avail. Was just wondering, is there a way of turning it on without the power button. I have a slight suspicion this could be causing the issues. Thanks!

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you could try shorting these 2 pads together

Block Image

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As in just putting a pair of metal tweezers on them?


@Frankie Vaughan yes


yes put a tweezers between them


that question was last year


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This old model had poor protection for the underlying logic board if liquid got into the keyboard. I once opened one up and found blue-green crystals all over the logic board, crystals that gave off a feral smell. Turned out the person's daughter (the user) had a pet ferret who liked to run across the keyboard... and she did not realize that ferrets pee as they run. It had sprinkled her keyboard over and over until the unit shorted out. That was just ... nasty.

Pull the RAM chips, and check for corrosion on the connections – a sure sign of further liquid damage. Those old white MacBooks were a giant pain to work on for anything more than a drive swap, battery replacement, or RAM upgrade, and are worth less than a tank of gas these days. My Opinion: The repair isn't worth it. Pull the drive, save the data, and advise them to get something newer. Doesn't have to be new – not all of us have that money – but something within the last 6-8 years. Perhaps you even have such a used unit already that you could sell them?

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Thanks for the advice. I have advised this already however, the customer is adamant that this is what they want. I said the repairs may come to in excess of £150 and they said that wasn’t a problem as the laptop has sentimental value to then.


LOL I once had the (dis)pleasure of writing off a Toshiba L755 for dog pee and made the executive decision.

It was SHOT.... Plastics were failing, dog pee, no audio.


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