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Originally internally coded as LFA, the 2015 Sonata was unveiled in Korea late March 2014, and was unveiled in America at the 2014 New York International Auto Show.

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AC blows warm …I have already added 2 cans of refrigerant

I have already recharged my 2019 sonata but ac still blows warm. Any suggestions?

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Jowanna McGhee it blows warm air as in warmer than the outside air? Does your compressor kick in? Do you hear it cycling on and off?


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Jowanna McGhee 2019 is a pretty new car and there should not be any issue with the AC. Take it to your dealer and have them check it. It should still be covered under warranty.

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Have a Mechanic filter out the air system and check for leakage. Tools to do such are not commonly owned by individual people as the air flushes have to be airtight or you could possibly damage AC components.

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