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A1708/EMC 3164 — Released June 2017, this entry-level MacBook Pro retains its traditional function keys (as opposed to the OLED Touch Bar).

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Camera and Ambient light sensor not detected

I have an issue with my 2017 MacBook Pro (A1708, PN:820-00840-A), where the motherboard doesn’t detect the camera, I need help trying to find out where can I find the source of it and fix it???

I’ve looked on windows to see if it was detected in device manager and it wasn’t detected, nor was the sensor.

System information in MacOS says it doesn’t find a connected camera

I even booted Ubuntu and checked with the Terminal command, and it didn’t detect it there

This only happened because I connected my screen with the battery still connected…

I have 2 broken top cases are with 2 known working cameras and both aren’t being detected. What should I do? I’ve had my head wrapped around this for weeks, I’m losing hope here :(

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I ended up getting my eDP cable replaced as that was the issue. Hope this helps!

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Fabulous! Thanks for keeping us in the loop. I almost never see issues with that cable so I forget sometimes that it's not just a part of the logic board. 😅


Of course! I hope it can help other people in the future who have the issue. I wouldn’t want anyone stumped for a month trying to find out what’s wrong like I did!


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So. This is going to be a board level issue and is a perfect opportunity to explain why disconnecting the battery during repairs or maintenance is considered a best practice.

You've likely blown the inductor/filter which sits in the power line for the Ambient light sensor and camera. Since this is the only line that is shared between the two. It's a fairly common thing, although it is typically because of a fault on the TCON board. But in this case it may because of a high level of current or higher than typical voltage being bridged into this line when you plugged the connector in.

You can verify this is the case by finding the spot on the board where this inductor should be and verify this inductor is present. Many times these blow clean off the board. Or will look singed.

If it is there, measure across it with a multimeter asnd make sure it's still electrically continuous

I will grab a screen cap of it's actual location when I pull myself out of bed and get to my computer. But it's likely around the logic board side of the eDP connector (the cable that goes to the display). I would take the board out, unplug this connector and have a look in that area.

UPDATE: Now that I'm awake, I don't have the boardview for the 820-00840. But the 820-00875 is super similar. Included the boardview as well as an image for extra

UPDATE 2: Ditched the old images. Here is the correct location for the inductor you need.

Block Image

Block Image

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I took a look at that cap, that cap has no voltage. It stays at 0.00 MV’s

What do I do? Replace it?


@Steven?? It may not have voltage present all the time, but if there’s no voltage here, this still may indicate a bigger issue.

I would check to see what the resistance of the component is (it’s actually an inductor, not a capacitor, but I get your meaning). Or check continuity if your multimeter supports that. If it has a high resistance, or is not continuous, it is likely blown, and could also explain why no voltage is making it across.


@flannelist it stays at .199 kilo-ohms

I also checked continuity, it’s not shorted. Not getting any beeps from both sides, just one.


@Steven?? You say you checked continuity. But is it continuous?

Also you mention you’re only getting beeps from one side. What are you measuring (what mode are you using?) and between what points when you are getting beeps? Theoretically it shouldn’t be giving low resistance to ground beeps on either side if that’s what you are measuring. It’s an inductor, not a capacitor, so neither side should be giving low resistance to ground.


@flannelist upon looking at the board view of my motherboard, the inductor you were point still is actually for the screen, so after I plugged in the screen it gave me 5.12V

when I mentioned beeping on one side, I had one terminal of my multimeter to ground and the other to the inductor.


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