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The HP Pavilion 15 cs0xxx is a 15-inch laptop that was released as part of the HP Pavilion computer line.

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Why my laptop is working slow?

my lap work slow the boot take 1-2 min & after that it takes 40s to get prepare system

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Which OS do you have installed? It would help to know if this happened gradually or overnight (any recent hardware/software upgrade?), and whether the system's overall responsiveness degraded as well or it's just the boot times


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I would try an m.2 ssd it is direcly attached to the motherboard and would be quiker the other idea is to rearange the boot order. This would be done by entering the bios by mashing the esc button until you see the boot options screen the enter the bios and then go to system configuration then navigating to the boot order press enter this will take you to another screen and put the ssd the os is on to the first option.

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i can see your problem be the CPU if you look close your processor is Intel Core i7-8550U 1.8 GHz

and the U means "ultra-low-power," they're instead low-power designs made with efficiency in mind. They have lower clock speeds, lesser cores, and more importantly, a very low TDP.

all the other part of your pc is good but you can search for way or solution for your processor to be faster

good luck

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