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Apple's fifth-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 20, 2019.

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Will my display work again?

Hello everyone. So I replaced my cracked display with a display from other locked Apple Watch 5. The display worked fine on the locked Apple Watch. But when I put it on the other Apple Watch, it doesn't show anything. I also can't test it on the locked ones because I don't have them anymore. And I don't know if the display is broken or not. But I think when I tear off the display flex cables with the “sticker”. While I was removing the display. That I also pull something from the display. I am attaching a few photos. Please let me know if this can be fixed. Or what is wrong.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Sadly it won't you have all three connectors appear to be damaged in some form and the LTE antenna contact has been snapped off damaging the logic board trace.

Here's a link to the needed replacement part Apple Watch Series 5 Screens. You will need to carefully remove the NFC chip for your display to then attach to your new one but as the connector is also damaged I'm not hopeful. You'll need to find someone with very good soldering skills to see if they can swap out the NFC chip or what's likely easier replace the connector by salvaging it for the newer NFC board to put onto your board which then is used with the new display.

All very tricky work!

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Hi, I don’t think is it beacause the ports. They seem broke. But they look fine only the levers not. But is probably that connector. Did you think it can be solder or somethings else. By the way thanks for the answer.


@Adam Kiršner - The connector levers are part of the connector and this board is heat sensitive (you don't want to cook the OLED panel on the other side.

The other problem is this appears to be a custom connector, So your only source is for a junker to steal them. By the time you do that, get the needed tools and build the skills to do the job a replacement will be easier and more likely to succeed!


@danj - I get it. I was just wondering if it could be fixed. Because I don't have that much money for a whole new screen. I'm only 15 and I tried my best. I've fixed some phones, but the Watch is much harder. Thanks again for the replies and help.


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