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Repair guides and support for your Panasonic microwave.

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Panasonic NN-SD775S Error H97 (Is not Magnatron | Fuse | Door Swiches)

Hello everyone, I'm experiencing an issue regarding my Panasonic Microwave that is somewhat atypical.

Issue: Whenever a time is set on the microwave and the start button is pushed, it runs for almost exactly 1 second before aborting with the error H97.

Attempted Solutions: The door switches were checked by multimeter, they all have a mode where resistance is high, and another where resistance is low (they are functioning properly). The magnatron had cracked magnets and was replaced upon detection. The new magnatron does not have cracked magnets and its resistnace is low, indicating it is in functioning order. The main fuse is obviously intact or else we wouldn't get lights on the display.

Main Hypothesis: Something on the logic/driver board has gone bad.

Is there something that I should check first on the board? I'm not well versed on checking individual components on a logic board like this. Or of anyone has any other ideas as to what it could be.

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Video Link of issue:

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@magossarah H97is an error with the inverter board. I would check for any obviously damaged components on that. Next I'd download a service manual like this Panasonic NN ST775S and even so it is not the exact same model, the H97 error seems to be a Panasonic typical error and the repair/explanation should be identical. BTW, you do realize that getting zapped by a MW is a pretty painful experience and can have some life altering impact. I know you are being careful poking around in it.

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Although I'm not certain that there are any large capacitors (a simple consultation of the service guide says that there are) to discharge on it, yes, I practice proper high voltage and electrical safety precautions. I have done many other HV projects in the past, including the typical MOT arc welder, jacob's laddar, and the Lichtenberg Figure burner. I'm very respectful of it's power and abilities.


After analysis of the inverter board, I think it will have to be replaced. All the capacitors seem to be working (from visual inspection; no bulging tops), although I can't get a read on any of the diodes on the inverter module in either direction using the ohmmeter on max setting, which is strange. I would have expected a short on one polarity and not the other. Maybe I wasn't on the diode mode (my multimeter is a bit cheap).


@magossarah, checking components in-circuit can be misleading, as you have to take into account the rest of the circuit. For instance, if you're checking a resistor that happens to be in parallel with another resistor, you won't get the reading you're expecting.

Without knowing what's involved in the component you're checking, the only sure way is to disconnect it from the circuit, whether that's removing a fuse, unplugging something, or maybe even unsoldering one end of it in order to isolate it.

The upshot is that you can't necessarily count on getting a good reading on the diodes when they're still connected to the circuit; that may or may not be why you're not getting a read on them.


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