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Apple's mainstream 2020 iPhone was released October 23rd and comes with a 6.1" OLED display, a dual 12 MP camera system, and in five available colors. Successor to the iPhone 11.

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iPhone Camera Blurry After Removing Broken Glass

I cracked the camera glass on my iPhone, and after removing the old glass with a blow dryer and some tweezers, I noticed the camera won’t focus. Is this because I don’t have the glass cover on? I am waiting on a new one to ship right now. Also, I tried to clean the lens with a microfiber cloth and isopropyl alcohol, but that didn’t seem to help.

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Greetings! Most likely since the glass is not covering the camera anymore, dust may have gotten in to the camera, like behind the lens of the actual camera module. The lens of the actual camera may have been scratched as well too, I believe it is made of plastic, but not sure of that. You probably will need a new camera to fix this issue.

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Can't disagree with @nicholas__kerns' answer, but personally I'd hold off on buying a new camera until you get the lens replaced and see if that does the trick.

If not, then yeah, probably time for a new camera. Fortunately, the rear cameras aren't part of the Face ID system, so you don't have to worry about losing it like you would with the front camera assembly.


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I changed the back glass of the body of my iPhone cause it my front camera quality is bad and blurry..why? Or any suggestions as to how I can fix it? Or to what caused probably dust entered when it was being fixed or the engineer tampered with something that affected the focus of my front camera?..note: the back camera wasn’t affected, just the front ..please help

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Hi Jennifer,

So the glass on the back of your phone was cracked and you took it somewhere to have the glass replaced, is that right? Do you know what method they used to remove the glass? The adhesive Apple uses on the rear case is extremely stubborn and requires a lot of heat in order to soften the glue and get the glass off. The higher quality repairs use a laser to burn the glue off, which is very precise and results in minimal exposure to heat of the internal components of the phone.

The most popular method, however, is using a heat gun to blast the back of the phone with heat. We've seen many cases where this resulted in damage to either flex cables or components inside the case.

Either way, this sounds like a result of the repair to the case and whoever did it should stand behind their work and fix the problem.


Note that replacing the entire front camera assembly will cause you to lose Face ID permanently, so don't let them get away with doing that. It is possible, although a bit of a hack, to replace just the front camera and keep Face ID working. Here's how it's done on the iPhone 11 Pro; the procedure for the 12 will be very similar.

iPhone 11 Pro Front Camera Replacement Without Losing Face ID


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