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The Y3 Sonata debuted in 1993. The base engine in most markets was a 2.0-liter Sirius I4, but there was a 3.0-liter Mitsubishi V6 option in some markets.

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Why does my 1995 Y3 Sonata [G4CP-D] fail to restart after running?

2.0i 16V Engine - fails to restart after running OK.

At times there is nothing that can get it to restart back again. Plugs are ok, Ignition spark is healthy and ok, Fuel is being delivered at pressure and looks ok, Fuel filter was also changed as a precaution, Injectors were cleaned and seem to be working OK, Spark plugs were cleaned (were sooted due to engine running rich), Vacuum hoses look to be Ok, Oxygen sensor at catalytic converter was replaced already, Throttle body valve cleaned, (MAF) mass air flow sensor cleaned with appropriate CRC spray cleaner, Air cleaner cleaned and looks quite OK, connectors OK... Was somehow also experiencing an engine missfire at times. Idle set correctly at approx. 750rpm

Update (10/10/2022)

Engine cranks, new battery, but fails to start. At times it used to be OK after I would wait and leave it for approx. 15 mins., and then it would start, but there were other times when nothing would get it going on again... and a downhill push-start would work.

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Does the engine crank and not fire or nothing at all?

How do you get it to eventually start again?


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Electronic fuel injection can be troublesome for diyers unless familiar. With spark seen, leaves fuel to troubleshoot. Fuel injection; fuel pump fuse, injector fuse, fuel pump and filter. Check for blown fuses then verify a fuel issue by spraying starting fluid into the throttle body. If the engine starts up immediately then dies ( from lack of fuel), you know fuel is the problem. If possible, check for fuel pressure if a fuel test valve is mounted on the fuel rail with a borrowed fuel pressure gauge from Autozone (free loaner tools). No A-z? Try Advance Auto. Without a f/p gauge, simply have someone turn on ignition while you depress the schrader valve (same as tire valve); cover loosely with a rag and expect fuel to shoot out a powerful spray. No fuel spray suggests a clogged fuel filter or worn out fuel pump (it won't last forever). Some fuel pumps operate from a relay in the fuse box. Removing the f/p repay and examining labeling for pinouts can allow you to use a small length of wire to jumper across relay terminal socket pins 30 and 87 (the switched contacts) to send 12v to power the fuel pump immediately regardless of ignition switch position, You may hear a quiet hum/hiss sound or place an ear onto the rear quarter panel and listen for fuel pump sounds, Some if not all EFI fuel pumps may run only for a few seconds if ignition is turned on but engine isn't started - a safety issue. Once starting and running, the fuel pump runs until the engine's stopped.

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Replace your valves. Could be leaking fuel onto your plugs. Vacuum test your head.

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