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Repair guides and disassembly information for the Samsung Galaxy A51 Android smartphone. Released in January of 2020.

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Issues with bottom speaker

I have an Galaxy A51 5G (A516U) the phone was dropped and it broke the OLED screen. I replaced the screen with a refurbished OEM screen. Upon testing the phone I realized that the bottom loud speaker does not work. The earpiece works fine. I tried reboots, software updates, safemode, etc. Even did a factory reset. I ordered a replacement loudspeaker and it still did not work. Is this a software bug? Not sure if it stopped working before or after the screen replacement. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Update (10/11/2022)

Here is a picture of the speaker connection and other surrounding components does anything look out of the ordinary?

Block Image

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Jonathan, which screen replacement did you do, the one with or without a frame attached?


@dadibrokeit the one without the frame. I removed the old one from the frame and attached a new one.


@bh_j39200, you'll have to edit your question and put the picture there; these forums don't allow for photos posted in comments.


@dadibrokeit Sorry here is a link for the pic of what I see


@bh_j39200 Picture's a little fuzzy, but from what I can see the speaker connectors look okay. However, it does appear the board may have sustained some damage in the drop; if you look at the two screw holes to the right and left of the charging port the tops of them appear to be deformed.

If you can confirm, that would tend to support the theory that your charging port/headphone jack board took some injury in the drop and may need to be replaced.

You might try getting another picture, this time showing the whole board and seeing what you can do to make sure it's in focus; that way we can try and get a better look at it and see if there are any missing/damaged components. If you're feeling ambitious, a photo of the back side would help too.


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Check the loud speaker connections on the daughter board at the bottom of the phone. The two tiny spring connectors could of been damaged or locked out of line with the impact.

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They look pretty normal to the naked eye. But they are smal and I don't have a microscope. Is this board replaceable?


@bh_j39200 The speaker connectors look like they are stuck in. Look at the single one next to them. It's sitting up. The speaker ones look flat. Use a needle or something fine to pull them back up.


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@bh_j39200 Yeah, the board actually seems pretty easy to replace. Outside of the speaker itself, that board is about the only other part involved in connecting the speaker to the motherboard; there is the big cable that goes across the battery as well, but it sure seems like something has gone wrong in the signal path.

You can find the part pretty easily; here's an example from eBay that comes with the flex cable.

Samsung Galaxy A51 5G A516U USB Charging Port Charger Dock Connector Flex

Although iFixit doesn't have a guide for that, there's one for the A51 over on the French site SOSav that should get you by.

Galaxy A51 charging connector repair - Free guide -

Good luck, let us know how it goes.

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