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Is the battery in the iPod Touch 4G replaceable?

Is it possible to replace the battery in the iPod Touch 4G without destroying the device? Why doesn't ifixit list a replacement battery? I have found two other sites that sell replacement batteries so it appears that they are available...

In my particular case, the device is out of warranty (by a few months). It was actually working fine up until the day it failed, when it was used until it shut off and then would no longer charge back up. We get the red stripe battery icon with a lightning bolt under it when we plug it into any of several wall chargers (which charge other iDevices just fine), but it never actually charges or boots up. Could this be anything but a bad battery? And is it possible that we killed the battery just by using the device until it shut off? Sounds like a pretty normal use case (especially with kids) for it to cause a catastrophic failure...

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Steve, check out the teardown right up to step 10. It should provide you with the information you were looking for. Even so it is a teardown and not a guide, it should help you out. If nothing else, I would make sure that your USB cable is good and take a look at the dock connector. It may just to be cleaned, use a toothpick and some air in a can (electronic keyboard duster) Check for bend, broken or corroded pins. Your best friend on this task will be some sort of magnifying device. Hope this helps, good luck

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