Slow and inconsistent charge, despite battery replacement

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I have a persisting issue with an irregular charge of my laptop, where the connector will flash green every four seconds and charge the battery to 100% over 10 hours instead of 2.

I´ve tried:

  • battery replacement (this solved the sudden onset of battery drain which occurred overnight after a longer period of intermittent system crashes)
  • SMC reset
  • leaving the charger unplugged for a potential ´reset´

Should I buy a new charger or troubleshoot something else?

Will my current charger potentially damage the new battery?

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Let’s get a better view of things, install this gem of an app CoconutBattery take a snapshot of the main windows with the battery tab opened with the charger plugged in, post it here so we can see it. Let’s see what we have before we rule in or out anything.


@danj Thank you for replying and sorry for the late reply (a year later!), my question was twice marked as spam. Read your reply during current sale.


It turned out to be the charger. I first replaced it with a cheap copy, which quickly broke. That being the third fake, I decided to flesh out on a original charger in the end.

The battery for my MacBook Air (2014) bought here at iFixit had good performance just over its 1-year warranty, before noticeably detoriating in holding the charge. Maybe some slight drops have something to do with it (bedside down on the floor).

However, I´ve read roughly the same experience from other reviewers.

Hope your arthritis is manageable,

Best regards.


@longjohns - Can you install CoconutBattery which I links to above an post a snapshot of the main window so we can see what’s happening. Ideally while it’s under charge 50% or so.


@danj – I´ve now edited my original post with a snapshot. Let me know if you want a different charge percentage.

Not sure how to post more than one image in OP.

As mentioned, I figured out that a third party charger was causing issues, and finally replacing with Apple´s original fixed it.

Half disappointed with the longevity of iFixit´s battery, but they do claim only one-year warranty.

Over the year I´ve limited the max charge to 80% with Charge Limiter, although unfortunately it has no functionality allowing discharge (optimally to 40%) while the charger is plugged in:


@longjohns - I think you need to reach out to the store as you battery shouldn’t be this low at 65% with so few cycles. Even still the chargers comparator logic is likely damaged. There are two resistors which tend to get damaged.

You also maybe adding fuel to the fire! The Charge Limiter tool really is not something you want to use. I get the idea, but you also mess up the chemistry by preventing the Ion flow to fully process.


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