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Repair information and disassembly guides for laptops manufactured by Haier.

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My Laptop Y11c is turn off suddenly


My latop turn off suddenly Now it wil not power on

No blue light is blinking

No screen is Displaying

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Musa Mumtaz start by checking your AC adapter. Make sure that you have 12 Volt on the barrel adapter. You can measure that with a multimeter set to 50V DC Red probe inside the barrel and Black probe on the outside. It should show 12V when plugged it. If it does, then go ahead and check the DC-In jack on your computer. Make sure that is in good working order. The port is soldered to the circuit board, so you will have to get into your Y11c. Use something like this for your guide.

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doesn't it have an indicator for charging?

If it isn't lit, then it isn't getting charged.

First suspect is the charging block. First failure would be a broken wire near the laptop connector. The components in the box would be the next. Either would require replacing the charger.


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