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27" display with 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution Thunderbolt & MagSafe cable attachments

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My eyes are burning with this monitor.

Hello everybody I have a strange problem with this monitor. I purchased it used from eBay and on the first glance the screen is working perfectly. But then the first problem. The usb was not working. So I changed the logic board and now it is ok. I haven’t use the monitor as I had an iMac of the same era. Now I sold the iMac and started using it with my laptop waiting the new Mac mini.

the problem is that after 30 minutes my eyes are burning. I did not had this with the old iMac. It was a 2011 iMac 27’ that I think uses the same lcd. I used my iPhone to take a video in order to see if the screen is flickering but no it is solid. Is there something I can try in order to fix the problem? I do not want to have to purchase a second one in order to fix this.

Thanks a lot.

Update (11/03/2022)

I can say that I know all these settings. I am working as an IT for some years now and my old computer was in the same place in the room as the the new screen.

I just removed the front glass in case this is causing the problem but I do not think it changed anything. I will have to use it for some days to see if the headache is stopping. On my work computer I do not have this feeling.

In case I want to change something is it a good idea to replace the power supply or the lcd?

Thanks for the answers.

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@gcron - I have two of these and I can promise you this is not a hardware level issue.

While rare what could be an issue is your power! If it’s not stable it can cause the backlight to flicker causing eye strain.


I just want to say that I have seen this monitor at a clients computer and I did not deal like that. Just a technical question can I somehow measure the PSU in order to be source that is give me the correct voltages? So we see if I have to purchase a new lcd?


@gchron - There is nothing within the power supply that would be an issue. If it was bad the you would have deeper issues.

The display assembly it’s self settings would be where I would start as scan frequency could be what’s bothering you. That only leaves the backlight LED drivers and the LED’s them selves.

But again, I really think you need to look at your AC power service as the power line frequency can be drifting or encountering dropouts which in turn cause the displays backlight to flicker as well as your outlets wiring make sure you are not overloading and check you grounding and damaged cords.

BTW - You would need an oscilloscope to monitor the AC & DC for fluctuations not the voltage it’s self.


@danj thanks for the reply. I do not think that it the power for two reasons first on the same cable there was the old iMac I mentioned in my initial post and second I have a ups in all my setup. So I do not think I have a power input problem. I think that I will have to try to purchase a new lcd and see. I will post a comment with the solution so everyone see if it worked or not.


@gchron - Not all UPS’s offer a clean sine or fill dropouts. Using an oscilloscope you should check your outlet and the UPS outlet are the peeks even? He UPS power when on battery will be a square wave, the issue is how much of a loss Vs what the AC line offers. Also check the AC lines frequency is it 50 or 60Hz


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Iv never really had this issue but I have some things to try!

it could be the colour setting on the display as different panels have different colours that they make

Here's how to change it

System preferences>Displays>Colour

try the different settings and see what helps

also consider your brightness and make sure to minimise reflections and glare

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please asks


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More often your eyes are stressed because of the workspace

- Rooms lighting (not too bright or dark) also consider the walls, ceiling & floor colors will bias the lighting as the darker they are you tend to use brighter lighting.

- Your position to the screen and any reflections within it. Do you have windows behind you that flood the room with light and uneven with fluttering objects that draw your eyes.

- The brightness of the display and its refresh settings

- Get a pair of glasses which filter the stress causing light the display often emits and corrects your vision for being so close to the display. Also make sure you are not too close to it as well.


@danj What I found helps a lot on my 2014 Retina is the Epson 1.8 sRGB display profile. I have never had an issue, and I run it in multiple environments with the profile.

Maybe that profile will help for the OP, but they will need to own an Epson scanner to get it potentially.


@nick - that only effects the color profile not the scan or brightness.


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