Replaced 2019 Screen with MacBook air 2020 A2179 and now its slow

So I replaced my screen from a 2019 macbook air A1932 to one that i found of 2020s model A2179 , Operation was successful except for 2 small detail, one for whatever reason its super super slow now! and mind you i barely have anything on the memory ive used probably 15 gigs also it wont open apps , currently doing a factory reset to see if that would maybe fix the problem as far as the screen goes no issues works amazing, also the fan is just loud now . oh and the re install instead of taking 2 or 3 hours it says 14 hours , and it then skipped to 6 hours after 2 hours though , its currently 12:34 a.m Monday , 11/7/22 and it s says " Less than a minute remaining .... " for about 2 hours now .

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What does the onboard diagnostics tell you? Restart your system and press the D key to enter.


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