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Repair and disassembly information for the first generation of Apple's high-end wireless earbuds. Released in October 2019. Identified by model numbers A2084 (left earbud), A2083 (right earbud), and A2190 (charging case).

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Why are my airpods pro have a buzzing sound

When the volume is set to mid they are starting to make a buzzing

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The left ear one had a buzzing sound and I tried everything. Finally out of frustration I slammed it into my wall. And since than it has been working well.


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Could be a defect, a pairing issue, wireless interference between the AirPods and the iPhone or other nearby wireless devices, or even a certain app generating bad sound. If this happened to me, I'd try force quitting the app in question and/or unpairing and re-pairing the AirPods.



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I found out that they weren’t original even though I bought it from bestbuy and they were harmed inside so I returned them. Thx though for your advice


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a batch of 2019 models produce a hissing or static noise when using ANC. this issue cannot be fixed. get a replacement while in warranty else either discard and get next generation.

some 2020 batches also have the same issue but apple wont replace them saying it doesnt belong to 2019 batch.

each bud costs $89

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