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Repair guides and disassembly information for the Samsung Galaxy A51 Android smartphone. Released in January of 2020.

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Short circuited motherboard on an A51 5G


I'm desperate.

My Samsung A51 5G phone suddenly overheated massively and stopped working. Took it to a phone repair shop, where the guys worked on it for almost two hours, and gave the diagnosis: the motherboard is short circuited, and they don't have the equipment nor the competence to fix it. They told me that in our country, probably no one has. So my question is: where to find a person with the micro soldering equipment and skills to repair my phone? Quick googling didn't give me any answers.

I had backups for everything else, except for the Samsung Voice Recorder app. And that app has data so valuable to me that I'm willing to give a kidney to have that it recovered.

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Tapani Plathan, did they say what is shorted? One or more components or traces? Is it one of the chips that’s shorted? This is crucial information to have. It’s way harder to fex reball a BGA chip than to replace a shorted SMD capacitor.

Where on this spree that we call Earth are you located?


Thanks for the great comment. They didn't tell me which part of the MB is shorted, but I could call them tomorrow and ask. The guy told me that he swapped the parts around with a spare part A51, and the short circuited MB blew the screen of that spare part A51 aswell (whoops).

I'm located in the Land of Thousand Lakes and almost as many bears, Finland.


@Tapani Plathan Well hello my Scandinavian neighbor! I’m to your west (Norway). There are several places that offer microsoldering repairs in Finland (though I can’t of course vouch for any of them): Google search for Finland. iTech in Tuusula seems to be the most popular.

PS! I always (until about a year ago) think of Finland as the land of a thousand lakes; Then I came to realize that it’s actually The land of over a hundred thousand lakes!


@geirandersen Tusen takk! I'll look for the microsoldering repair shops in Finland. The one in Tuusula you mentioned seems to be out of business. But perhaps there must be someone capable of pulling this off, just need to find them. Thanks a bunch!


@Tapani Plathan Bare hyggelig ;) Dang, I didn’t check their FB page where they say business closed.. I know of a company a little further north in Norway than I am, that does microsoldering and data recovery (they offer services also via mail-in). I wish I knew Scandinavian businesses better than I do, would help a lot, but actual microsoldering and board level repairs are not all that normal here. Most everybody have their data on iCloud or Google (or like me; on both :p )


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You could try and fix it your self if you comfortable with microsoldering and we could help you along with any questions

Or you could send it to this repair shop,these people are really good at what they do and will fix just about anything

You could also sell it for parts locally or on sites like eBay

Hopefully this helps helps

Any questions please ask


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Thank you for your comment. I can't do any microsoldering, with or without help. Selling the phone is not an option, I need to repair it for important data recovery.


@Tapani Plathan

Sending it to northridge fix is probably your best bet then



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