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Repair and disassembly guides for Lexmark printers.

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Lex C3426 - Anything I need to know before replacing the HVPS board?


I have a Lexmark C3426 with $300(!!!) in new toner, with a HVPS issue. At the time I replaced the unit due to the HVPS failure as I needed it for a time sensitive project (and getting rid of 45lbs of printer was not something I was keen to do), so I never got rid of the printer. That paid off when I found the board from a toner refill dealer on eBay for $45 :-). The toner I have for it potentially not moving was also a deal breaker to get rid of it. It was throwing weird errors about the waste toner box initially, then flat out died with a code that points to the controller/formatter board (unrepairable by me), or HVPS board (I can replace this).

Is there anyone who has taken the job on who can give me pointers to do this? I bought the board used, which likely came from a unit someone scrapped due to needing everything but black as these C33/34 units run black only when it needs color, until the black runs out.

Please understand printers are usually sent to die if they annoy me enough, so I'm not 100% there on what I need to do. This C3426 is the rare exception due to the amount of new toner I would potentially lose - even if I had to end the life of a C3226 for a good HVPS that's working other then needing $400 in toner for a 1.5k CMYK set which will prove to be a money pit - yes, I have one of these; it was given to me, with the warning I will probably end it's life to fix a good one with how much of a joke the cost of toner is. In the case of my C3426, it's the rare exception where I liked it too much to totally write it off - mainly due to the 4.5k high yield toners (I can't use my C3326 3.5k set in the C3426, though) and the yield is the same, not this "more black then color" nonsense.

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@oldturkey03 anything I need to do during the swap?


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@nick I definitely dislike printer repairs, since I can never get them back together again :-) I dread the plastic cases. Anyhow, the best advice I can give you, is to follow the service manual Lexmark X340 X340n X342n

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If it wasn't for the $300 in toner I'd have canned this thing.


@nick I bet. At least this way you limit waste


@oldturkey03 If this was an inkjet and not a laser/LED(?, I've seen the printhead; it may be LED), I'd have had my way with it, even if I put $100 into ink at it, to have it die shortly after. The new Lexmarks are a TAD different to work on (in a good way). The old ones like the classic T series have a lot of paired parts, so if the power board went out you needed a "virigin" board or it would reject it (never had one, but I know from the research I did to see what I was going to go up against). I can remove a board from a C3224 someone didn't want to spend $400 in toner for I was given if need be for stuff like that.

Those old Lexmarks are HP LJ 4000 tank grade (some have a LOT OF CONSUMABLE PARTS like the old 11x17 stuff, even the transfer belt), but these days they're done with most of the BS pairing. I also can't reprogram a C3224 board (cloud tool based, or internal), but losing a lot of that lockdown pairing is welcome. Today, the new Lexmarks use as much steel as the old HPs from 10 years ago, with limited serilization (ex: if the formatter goes RIP, but a HVPS is likely not paired). Still a risk, but I'll take it. Lexmark even has a proper PARTS SITE where you can buy things (as a customer, not a depot center), so that's how I know the C3324's LVPS will work if I ever need it, or that's shot too :-). The sad part about the C3224 is it's only got a little over 1k pages, but those stupid 1.5k toners cost far too much beyond the printers.

Take notes, HP. Even limited info is awesome to have. We need to promote this kind of help, even for the DIY space. Is wasting a (working) printer for the spares great? Nah, but would you rather the person who gave me the thing throw it out whole, or see the parts go to use? Yes, I'm also not spending the money but you see why owning an emergency bought C3326 and C3426? At the time, I was pressed on time so while I much prefer the C3426, I had to settle on a lesser unit. I should probably get a trash bag in case I throw the empty starters from the donor too hard if I need to get rid of them (Return program, can't refill them; I didn't trash them on the spot because I wanted to see if someone found a workaround the lockout, or clone chips).


I have the parts pulled from the C3224. I hate wasting whole devices like this but I feel like it's a better ending then straight to the landfill with no attempt to use the remaining parts as needed. Even then, I'll hold onto it as long as I can reasonably keep pulling stuff off.

Hopefully a proper blowout of the toner waste box fixes the sensor so I can keep using the one it came with. Can't hurt to try.


It’s the controller board :/. It’s dead, Jim. I’m putting those toners away for safe keeping, even the black SWP (probably won’t work but I lose nothing by trying) I have another C3326 I can put them in and try. Yes, it was sold without toner and I knew that but I overlooked it since I had one.

I tried, at least. But I also knew I put it away for a reason…


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