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The fourth generation of Honda Accord covering model years 1990 through 1993 available in coupe, sedan, and wagon chassis.

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Why did my RPMS drop to 1k while going 90+?

So this morning on my way home from work, my car was running fine. Actually, the last few days its been running faster. I have a 1992 accord LX Coupe, and im hoping to be able to rebuild it in the future with some extra feature, aka modifying it. Anyways, as i was going roughly 97, the rpms dropped all the way down to 1k, then shot back up. I slowed down because i didnt know what would happen next. Shortly after, as im slowing down, now roughly at 65, it did it again, and this time it backfired. I have no clue what it could be. It didnt do it any other time besides going 60+

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Sounds like your timing belt has stretched so the engine is mis-firing Timing Belt & Water Pump Replacement

Mine snapped and killed my engine

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I took it to the dealership wince its like 5 minutes down the road, it was indeed the Timing belt along with 3 oil leaks. I have them working on the timing belt and one of the oil leaks, Thank you


@papisnax - At least you saved your engine, sadly my was shot.

Please score the answer and accept it - Thanks!


So i got it back, they replaced a lot of parts, spark plug wires, pcv valve, stuff that was brittle and they broke upon removal, yet just now, i got like 20 seconds down the street and the rpms went haywire, car started backfiring, and then when i was turning something started squealing like the noise from cartoons when someone slides down a window. Idk what to do now


@papisnax - you’ll need to bring it back, did they not replace the fan & alternator belts?


On the paper work it say timing, drive, and water pump, i dont see alternator or fan belts anywhere


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@papisnax scan your Accord and see what code pops up. This could be timing related but could most certainly be an issue with multiple other things too. Could be fuel or electronics (the last few days its been running faster). You don't just want to go willy nilly and change parts without diagnostics.

Update (11/11/2022)

@dadibrokeit that is correct. It doesn't have OBD-II but you can scan it this way Here is the System trouble shooting guide for the '92 Honda Accord Fuel And Emission Tests

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OBD-II wasn't mandated till 1996, so it doesn't have a standard port. From the Honda-Tech forums, here's how to get the diagnostic codes.

"It's not obd2, a scanner will not work. The service check connector is under the dash on the passenger side. You jump the two wires on the plug with a paperclip or wire, then count the flashes from the check engine light. Long flashes for the ten spot, short flashes for the single spot. Example: Three long flashes, followed by two short flashes, would be code #32."


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