How to dry out my ReSound GN over the ear Hearing Aid

Hi, my current (and previous) hearing aids are constantly getting moisture inside it, which blocks the microphone, meaning I can't hear. I have never had such a persistent problem with an aid. Desiccants (aid drying jar) and even a hair dryer do not not seem to work much. It gets slightly better and then returns.

I have been using hearing aids for fifty years and this is a new thing. I suspect crapification, as aids have increasingly have a brittle feel to them, but who knows?

Any suggestions would be welcomed.

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Each type of hearing aid has its pros and cons. Are you sure moisture is interfering with the microphone? Maybe moisture in the clear tubing between main body and ear piece? Wax buildup? You should try discussing this with online tech support or by phone for expert help. If moisture is collecting inside you unit, perhaps turning it off and using canned air to gently blow out any moisture then follow up by leaving it overnight in the oven with only the pilot light providing gentle heat to help evaporate remaining moisture. Or left on top of a boiler where its warm, not hot, to allow moisture evaporation overnight. If there's an access cover, leave it opened for better warm air circulation.


Hi, checking for moisture I do daily. That would be easy to fix. The other ways to clear water out internally just don’t work. I should take your advice and contact the company. Thanks.


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