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Apple's top-of-the-line smartphone for 2021. Released September 24th, the iPhone 13 Pro Max sports a 6.7" ProMotion OLED display, a new triple rear camera system, and 5G connectivity. Successor to the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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Wifi, bluetooth, and cellular not working after drop

I recently dropped my iPhone 13 Pro Max, and as a result, it no longer connects to wifi, bluetooth, or cellular data. It also cannot send or receive texts or calls. I'm certain this is a hardware issue because it resulted from a drop, and I have tried all of the software troubleshooting methods available to no avail.

I want to know what kind of internal damage this could be. I haven't taken the phone apart because I want to know what my best option is, and it's possible that paying Apple an arm and a leg to replace it might be the better option. However, if it's easy/cheap enough to repair, I would be interested in doing that. My best guess is that the modem is damaged or disconnected, which I believe is an integral part of the motherboard. Is it possible to fix something like that? Is it possible a different component is damaged or disconnected that affects connectivity?

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Since you have a couple of issues going on and the components that would cause your problems are located on the bottom layer of the board I think it would be safe to say that some of the solder pads that secure the top and bottom layer of the logic board have become cracked or torn off. There is not much you can do if you haven’t got the experience or the equipment to separate the two boards and inspect the solder pads.

The cost to repair your phone will depend on the damaged to the solder pads.

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Today I dropped my phone and I am now facing the same problem. If you got it fixed can you please tell how you got it fixed and what was the solution?

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