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Wrong model tear down

Would someone who is familiar with this machine check and see if I am wrong. The tear down for this model may be the incorrect machine. This tear down looks to me like the Intel not a G5. I have both machines and this is not the tear down for the G5.

iMac G5 17" Model A1144

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FYI- no such thing as an 'intel g5', it's gotta be either intel or ppc


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Judging from the pic in step 3 here, the EMC number is 2081, which does indeed correspond with Model A1144 (iMac G5 17" iSight). (The EMC identifier for iMacs originated with this article.)

But I'll alert the guide guys so they can double check.


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I looking at EMC 2055 iMac G5 17" 1.85 serial W85250LPSDX

The 2081 is not Intel according to your link


I can't see the EMC in step 3, can you?


I also have a 2118 Intel and it corresponds to the tear down.


They made the internal consistencies of these machines very annoying...

The original G5 (EMC 1989) and the ALS model (EMC 2055) are nearly identical inside. We gave them their own guide. The final version of G5, the iSight model (EMC 2081) and the first generation of Intel (EMC 2104) are nearly identical inside. We did not give these two the same guide, because having a G5 and Intel machine together on one guide gets pretty confusing.

So this specific guide will not look like your machine because Apple changed the guts between your model and the model used for the guide. But your original Intel 20" machine corresponds because the last version of G5 and first version of Intel are nearly identical inside.

Does that make any sense at all? This is hard to type in a coherent fashion!!!

By the way, I could only see the EMC in step 3 by opening the "huge" version of the pic!


Sure it makes sense. It's very confusing. If I may reiterate the model change came with the last of the G5's. Prior to this the G5's openedfrom the back. The easiest way for me to spot them is the RAM slot on the bottom of the changed models. The whole arose because someone was asking how to change RAM. Thanks so much for helping me to get this straight.


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Hi Mayer: on step 16 of the tear down you refer to shows this is a 1.9GHz on the sticker on the memory bracket. Apple only made a 1.9 GHz iMac in a G5 and before I left the University I ordered 18 of these computers and remember the tear down because one came with a DOA hard drive and I had to go in through the front instead of the back and the clips at top were a pain to get reset.

I hope this puts your question to a rest.

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I HATE those clips on the top!!!! Major design flaw.


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