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bios password is locked

how to reset bios password

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Good afternoon,

Unfortunately, bios passwords are designed so only you hold the key. The reason this is (And the reason you enabled it) is to ensure thieves can't get into the bios of the laptop. So if they had a reset, that would defeat the purpose of this feature.

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removing the jumper doesn't show you the password, it allows you to put in your new one and put your on info in or factory reset the PC.When you get a used PC sometimes there's a password sometimes not. So reusing a PC isn't wrong not everyone can afford a new. So I feel making a used PC your own in this case is okay. Thanks for your time.

Lynn Wood


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You can bypass the password by removing the jumper marked password on the motherboard. Mine was next to the battery on the mother board This eliminates the original password which will allows you to sign in. However you cannot change the password with the jumper removed. you must put the jumper back in to change the pass. Therefore remove it and boot into your bios setup. Under security you can change the password by putting the jumper back in and continue with password changes by first entering nothing in the space marked password just click through each question by leaving it blank. then go back and put the password you want or leave it blank if you don't want one. if you don't want one at all, save changes and exit bios setup. Hope i explained it okay. good luck, once you remove that password jumper it's easy just take one step at a time,

Lynn Wood

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