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2.0GHz, 2.3GHz, or 2.6GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache.

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Screws for inside the mac

Hi all,

I replaced the thermal paste on my CPU and GPU. When putting the screws back two of them got lost. Yea, I dropped them and couldn't find them. They are both for the GPU. There are two holding it down but two are not.

Is there any place i can go to buy a set of screws for this MacBook Pro. I really hate to have them not in there. OCD won't let me leave them out.

Also, after reapplying the new paste and restarting the computer, it seems like the computer CPU cores are running hotter than normal. Like 180's and 190's.

Thanks for any help anyone can give me

Update (12/24/2022)

Ok, here is the screenshot of TG Pro doing its thing.

Block Image

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Please note that while uploading this picture the CPU tems went over 200 degrees


@rbaron - Clearly you are running hot! I’m suspecting your SSD is quite full so the needed free space is well worn causing wear leveling to kick in. What happens is the more heavily used free place blocks are swapped out with more stagnant blocks.

Your system is struggling moving things around! So if you have a lot of stuff you’ll need to unload your internal drive or look at upgrading to a larger drive.


According to the system report, I have 606.37 GB available out of 1TB drive.

Is that considered "getting full"?


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@rbaron - Here’s one source for the screws TheBookYard UK - Screws

I would do a bit more investigation into the source of the heat. I would install this great app as it will show you visually what’s happening TG Pro. Take a snapshot of the apps main window and post it here for us to see.

Bu yanıt yardımcı oldu mu?

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Thanks much for the info. I could not find the screws I was looking for, probably because I don't know what they are called. I filled out a form describing where they go so we will see if they get back to me. As far as TG Pro, I will look into getting that for my Mac.

Thanks for the help.....


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