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Released on Oct. 2016, identified by the model number E5-575G-53VG

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Laptop MOSFET Repair/Replacement or is This Board Toast?

Hi, I was wondering if this is just a MOSFET issue or if the cpu (and therefore the whole board) is toast. I get a charge light and a blue light when I power it on, but no display. I removed the MOSFET that seemed to be the issue (some shorts disappeared) however I just checked some of the capacitors on the rest of the board and there are several capacitors where neither end is connected to ground (labelled “dead” in picture) and several more that are shorted all around and right behind the cpu. Is this something that is normal and/or fixable or is this now a scrap/parts board?


Block Image

Block Image

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@plmokni, Did you first test the MOSFET before removing, or just assume it was shorted? Do you have the schematics for this motherboard so you can check things? What is your experience level in reading and diagnosing circuits?


@geirandersen Capacitors were shorted around the MOSFET and it also got stupid hot. Once it was removed the shorts around it disappeared.

I've tried looking for a schematic but the acer aspire series seems to be a bit more difficult to find specific schematics for (or I'm just not looking in the right place)

I have no experience in reading circuits, I mostly worked on nintendo switches which generally are easy to diagnose without reading circuits.


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@plmokni The key to finding information like that (schematics etc) is what and how to search. Your motherboard is model number zaa x32 so you should Google zaa x32 schematics and zaa x32 boardview. (Both are available on the same place and even in the same post, in one of the very first results.)

We don’t post links to such here on iFixit as it’s copyrighted material, but the information is out there (at least in this case).

You said the MOSFET got “stupid hot” and there were shorts on the caps, how did you measure the shorts and what is “stupid hot”? MOSFETs tend to get quite hot, that’s why they’re often connected to a heat sink with a thermal compound (paste).

Just randomly assuming something and removing parts, without knowing the actuality is often more damaging than the problem itself. You could be making the problem much, much bigger and worse instead of fixing it.

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@geirandersen thanks for the info, I'll see if I can track down the schematics. Unfortunately I don't have a proper way to measure exactly how hot it was but compared to the other two MOSFETs next to it, it became too hot to touch within the first 2-3 seconds of plugging in the charger. Would there be any way to test the MOSFET off the motherboard before I stcik it back on?


@plmokni If you have trouble finding it, reach out to me via email (you can find the info on my profile page) and I’ll give you the info :)

As for testing a MOSFET; Absolutely, that’s the preferred way of diagnosing a circuit. Here is a link to an article that explains it better than I can in a comment. NOTE! The article uses a TO-3 package whilst your motherboard likely uses a SOT-23 package or similar. Testing is the same though, Gate, Drain, Source. Just a little different layout.


@geirandersen thanks so much!


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