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The MacBook family was first introduced in May 2006 and replaced the iBook as Apple's consumer laptop.

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How can I replace a backlight in my MacBook lcd?

Hi, I have a macbook screen with a burnt out backlight (from a 2006 macbook, 1.83 GHz Core 2 Duo). I KNOW it is the backlight from these reasons:

The correct image shows up on the LCD, but it is extremely dim.

Other screens work correctly on the macbook, so it can't be the logic board.

The screen data cable is known to work (worked fine with a different screen).

The inverter is known to work (worked fine with a different screen).

The backlight cable is in good condition.

I understand the backlight repair is difficult, but I do have soldering experience, and the bulbs are so inexpensive. Does anyone know how/where I can find instructions for the repair? Or is it so difficult that I should just get rid of it? Thanks.

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These replacement LCD panels are pretty inexpensive, so replacing a backlight is just a little bit silly. Replacing the panel is really not that difficult either. You can probably do it yourself!


hey my mac book jus randomly shut down on me and when i turned it back on same i got a blackscreen i thought my mac was dead but than i seen that i can turn on the caps and the volume button i can hear noise . so after i awhile i jus figured that my screen was dead and did everything i could to reset the pram and hardware anyways what helped was taken off the lid of the mac book and jus shining a light through the back go the computer. i think the problem is the backlight is dead in the back of led screen so all i did was use a lamp as the light and i can see my screen again $@$*!& that its ghetto rigged and i need a %#*@ desk lamp in the back of my laptop to see my screen but hey all my songs are still here!


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Yes it's a difficult job to replace the backlight bulb in a LCD screen. This little lamp is so fragile and difficult to manipulate without breaking it. You must desolder a wire at each end of the backlight, pulling it out of the LCD, pushing a new one in and redo the solder on both ends. If you decide to do the job, one advice: order at least two lamps in case you damage one during installation. You can buy them at and find a tutorial online.

Another less complicated option is to buy a macbook broken lcd screen of ebay just make sure the backlight is working and replace the whole backlight assembly (swap the assembly between the two screens). Easier job than swapping just the lamp (no solder to do, less chance to damage the fragile lamp, etc). Good luck :-)

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I really like the swapping idea. I do have another screen (scratched a little) with a working backlight. Could you point me to the way of disassembling the backlight? It's the whole pbc board at the top back of the screen, right? I'm not sure how that comes off.


Well I don't have a LCD panel in front of me by if I remember well the backlight assy is on the lower part of the screen where the backlight wires are (pink and white wires with white connector). There could be silver metallic scotched ruban you must remove. On this side of the screen there is a metallic bracket that you have to unscrew and remove to reach the backlight assy. I think that one side of the assy enters a bit inside the panel and is glued there so you have to carefully cut the glue before removing the assembly.

Check the area where the cables are coming out the screen and you'll be able to figure how it's assembled. The assembly is all over this side of the screen.


BTW: the LCD panel pcb board has nothing to do with the backlight system in the non LED driven systems and the backlight lamp is not on the same side as the pcb board. The backlight CCF bulb is just a lamp getting its voltage from the inverter board. There's nothing electronic past the inverter board.


At the back of the screen, that metal plate along the bottom--does it come off? I wasn't able to locate a metal bracket on either side. The metal plate seems glued...slowly removing it, but I don't want to force it.


+ I would suggest you wear powder free rubber gloves for the job. You can get them at the pharmacy. If your skin oils get on the bulb you will create a hot spot. If you get your skin oils on the backside of the glass or on the films and paper behind the glass, it will show as a darker area on the screen after the job. If you get dust in there it will look like a dead pixel(s). That is also why you use the powder-less gloves, the powder is just like dust. You will need some canned air and a natural hair paint brush to remove the dust (foreign matter) - if any gets in there. For basic tutorials on how to replace the CCFL bulb or backlight assembly click here and click here. You can get some brand specific instructions if you click here.


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I've been selling and repairing Macintosh computers for many years, and suggesting a backlight replacement as a fix for this problem is just way over the top! Generally speaking these display panels are fairly inexpensive... roughly $50 for a brand new bare panel, half that for a used part, and they're readily available. The time it takes to remove and replace the backlight alone exceeds the cost of a new panel altogether. However, the most efficient way to proceed with this particular repair is to purchase a complete used display assembly, replacing the damaged piece altogether. You're looking at spending 45 minutes to an hour, depending on your level of experience, to swap the complete display assembly, and with an expense of less then $50 you just can't beat the cost.

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