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Repair guides for the Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio. Released in September 2021 and identified by model number 1964.

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Can I discuss a repair with Microsoft without paying first?

My daughter’s one week old Surface Laptop Studio screen cracked without being dropped or physically compromised in any way. She used it on Friday, stored it in a book bag in her room and when she opened it again on Tuesday it was cracked. Best Buy says contact Microsoft, Microsoft online “support” says it is not a covered repair, and she cannot find how to even initiate a conversation about a repair without paying $649 first. We have found that this was an issue with the Surface Laptops 3 and 4, and that Microsoft previously repaired screens at no cost. This was purchased for her to begin classes a week from now, if anyone has a clue how to contact Microsoft we would appreciate the help!

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Microsoft does have a support community to ask questions about its products. This would probably be your best way to get into contact with Microsoft to discuss the repair. However, screen damage is not covered under the Standard Manufacturer Warranty regardless of if it's accidental unless you got the complete 3-year coverage plan.

In addition, if Microsoft cannot help you then I highly recommend checking out this service guide officially made by Microsoft should it come to repairs.

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Thank you! I am just hoping to actually speak to someone without providing credit card info. It is crazy that a $1500 device will just randomly break and there is no way to fix it or have a conversation about it without paying $650! Especially when it has happened with other similar products…if she had dropped it or sat on it, ok, our bad but that is not the case. I did read the warranty and it says the screen isn’t covered unless it is a design flaw, my fingers are crossed, wish us luck!!


@irishbymarriage Always a pleasure to help out. Definitely update us with any new news.


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