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The Surface Laptop by Microsoft is the first full laptop in the Surface lineup. Released June 2017. Model number: 1769.

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The color difference of adhesive tapes

Gold adhesive tapes are being used at the red square zone. Please tell me the reason. Is this tape a special one?

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Hi Shiori Yasuda,

  1. Battery Connection Pad: From what I have found, it looks like this adhesive is used under the battery connection pad. I don't believe there is a special reason for this other than that it might ground it if something were to malfunction or be shocked. Since this laptop happens to be the least repairable one out there, it could just be something that Microsoft decided to do that doesn't make sense to us.
  2. Extra Strength: This adhesive could have also been used for the extra strength that it has if it does have it. In other words, this tape could have been used for either its weakness or strength. I would guess strength based on how non-repairable this laptop is.

Here are some pictures showing the contact pad,

Block Image

Thanks, Derek Thomas

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Derek Thomas san,

Thank you for your polite answer. I’ll do my best to fix my surface.


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