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How do I change the ink absorption pad?

I have a Canon MP240 and I would like to know how to get to the ink absorbtion pad and how to replace it.

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If you can get some light in where the print head parks, you may be able to see the absorber and it may be enough to use some tissue or paper towel to mop up the absorber to remove the accumulated ink. Resetting afterwards may be or problematic.

PS I tried disassembling to replace the absorber on a similar model and ended up not being able to re assemble, because it needs more than two hands to hold everything in place and in the end a little plastic part broke and it all went in the recycling.

Update (01/21/24)

Cannon Ink absorber full failure.

In the end the MG8150 needed to be reset by a service centre and they charged a reasonable fee for several hours work and replacing various bits of the ink absorber system and my MG8150 is back up and running. Is on its second replacement print head, from China, not sure if it was refurbished (tested- second hand) or a copy, but it works fine.

Repairing cost more than buying the cheapest new printer (basic level), but this old model has duplex printing and which I like. And lots of plastic has been kept out of landfill for a little while longer. Happy days.

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Thanks It helped a lot!


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