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2.0GHz, 2.3GHz, or 2.6GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache.

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New battery charging issues

I just installed an ifixit replacement battery into my MacBook Pro Retina 15”, Late 2013. I’m having trouble charging it. Coconut battery shows that it’s charging with less than 10 Watts, then the watts start decreasing from there, until the charging stops completely. I’ve tried two different 85W MagSafe 2 power adapters and the same thing happened with both. Also, the LEDs on both connectors are functioning normally. If it matters, the battery had a 50% charge when I powered up after the installation. I’ve reset the SMC and NVRAM multiple times. I’ve also used the disk utility to repair and verify disk permissions. Nothing I’ve tried has fixed the issue. If someone could tell me what might be causing this issue, I’d be very appreciative. Thanks.

Here’s a coconutBattery shot:

Block Image

Update (01/21/2023)

Hi, Dan. Thanks a lot for the advice. That temp reading was from yesterday. I just powered up the laptop and plugged it in right now, after leaving it off for a few hours. This is what coconutBattery is currently showing:

Block Image

Is that a better temperature? The problem is that the charging wattage starts going down within minutes and eventually reaches zero, then the charging stops. If you think that leaving it plugged in for 10 or more hours would work, I’ll certainly do that. Do you suggest shutting it down, closing the lid, and leaving it to charge overnight? And yes, I’ve been attempting to calibrate the battery, but if it can’t be fully charged, I can’t do it. Do you think that if I leave it plugged in for longer it will eventually resume charging and reach 100%, and if I complete the calibration do you believe that might solve the issue? Sorry for all the questions, I just wanna get it all straight before I make the attempt. Thanks.

Update (01/21/2023)

I’m not sure that screenshot was added properly. The current temperature reading on coconut is 22.6 Celsius.

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@sq2theresque - A bit better, what is your rooms temp? Did you note the charge rate is now 10 Watts!

At this point can’t offer much not enough to work with. Did you clean the connector? Was it and the contacts dirty?

I would shut the system down and let it charge up over night. Then see where we are,


The 10 Watts went down to zero soon after I took that photo :( Then I shut the computer down, closed the lid, and plugged the adapter in for a couple hours. When I turned it back on it hadn’t charged at all. It basically charges for a minute or two, then drops off to nothing. The room temp is 19 degrees C, and I cleaned all of the contacts with 99% isopropyl. This is very frustrating. It was a giant pain in the butt scraping all the adhesive off from the old battery, even with the adhesive dissolving solution that was provided with the kit. I finally get the new one installed, I’m able to power the machine up with just the battery, but it won’t charge for some reason. I’m really hoping there’s a solution that isn’t going to cost me more money, or require an Apple service appointment.

Anyway, thank you for your help. I appreciate it.


@sq2theresque - What does CoconutBattery show now after being able to charge over night?


It didn’t charge overnight. I spoke to an Apple service tech and he said the battery was probably faulty, then I emailed ifixit and they said that’s definitely possible. They’re sending me a replacement battery. Thanks again for your help.


@sq2theresque - That’s by guess too.

If that doesn’t work then the logic boards charging logic needs repairs.


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The batteries temp is a bit high so it likely needs to cool down before it ramps up the charge rate. Lithium ion batteries have sensors to monitor temp and voltage so they don’t charge too quickly.

Shutdown the system and make sure the MagSafe connector socket is clean as well as the contacts. I would also let the system set for a good hour, restart it and plug the charger back in. Take note of the temp it should be close to room tem and the charge rate should climb (give it a bit of time)

Ideally, I would let it charge for a good ten hours.

BTW - Did you calibrate the battery? Resetting SMC without going though the process correctly can mess things up.

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