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The third generation Audi A6 model was introduced by the German manufacturer in 2005. Based on the Volkswagen Group C6 platform, the new A6 featured the same Audi-styled single-frame grille and a revised suspension.

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Steering wheel and cruise control retrofit help

Hello, has anyone done msfw and cruise control retrofit? I need some help

Im just stuck at this retrofit and cant make it work

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hello.just concluded on my avant 3000tdi quattro from 2008. if you explain the problem better, I should be able to help you. did you install the cruise lever? did you bring the signal wire from the connector behind the levers to the white connector under the water tank of the wipers? did you do the coding?

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So I managed to recognize CC lever in VCDS, its working just fine and I coded it but I didnt know about the wiring part

Can you explain from where to take the wire?

About MSFW it just wont work, coding is accepted and steering wheel light up but not responding to commands


Forgot to mention, cruise control works in vcds but not working while driving


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