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Samsung'un başı çeken telefonu, Galaxy S9. Mart 2018'inde piyasaya çıktı.

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What are the three black dots on my camera

There are 3 weird black dots in my photos. I think it might have something to do with me slipping on ice yesterday and dropping my phone. Please help me out.

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Hi Corban.

Just to confirm, the dots you see are there when you take a picture with the rear facing camera, right? And the front camera works just fine, no dots there, correct?

From what I've seen on this site when people have dots in their camera field of view, it's usually because there is some contaminant that got in between the camera lens and the glass cover on the back of the phone. My guess is that your fall shook loose some foam inside the phone and it ended up in the camera well.

The permanent way to cure it is to open the phone up and clean it out; compressed air should do the job nicely, but a Q-Tip and some 90% or higher isopropyl alcohol will work as well (don't use the 70% solution we all have lying around the house - too many impurities that can cause problems and leave deposits). Use the Rear Glass Removal guide to open up the phone so you can clean the lens.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Rear Glass Removal - iFixit Repair Guide

Don't forget to buy a sheet or two of precut rear cover adhesive so you can glue the cover back on securely when you're done.

Alternatively, a lot of people have had success with knocking the pieces of whatever it is out of the view of the camera. Basically you just bang the phone down hard enough to give it a decent jarring, but not hard enough to break something. Don't bang it down on the front or back; you're wanting to move the debris sideways so hit it on any of the four edges; top, bottom, left or right. A bit riskier than opening the phone, but it won't cost you anything and if it doesn't work you can always open the phone up later.

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The front camera works fine yes. Thank you so much.


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