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The Xbox One X (Model 1787) is Microsoft's high-powered game console, succeeding the Xbox One S. The Xbox One X was released on November 7th, 2017.

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Why is there no picture on my xbox

when in plug in the hdmi cord there is no picture

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Hello, have you tried a different cable, different port on the tv, different tv entirely, etc.?

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i tryed that nothing works


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Hello, I know this sounds obvious, but please check the following:

  • You are using the correct power supply for the Xbox/monitor
  • Check that all cable connections on the Xbox/Monitor are in all the way (also try reseating them)
  • Use a different HDMI cable
  • Make sure the Monitor has the proper input selected
  • Turn the Xbox/Monitor on and off again

Hope this helps, I own a Xbox but I'm not very experienced with it so this is just basic advice

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