Model A1001 or A1025 / 667, 800, 867, or 1.0 GHz G4 processor

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On Startup the display is black?


Does anyone know how or why my 12 inch PowerBook G4's display is black when you boot it up? you can see the apple and the display if you look real closely.

I have it apart and tried booting it up with the same results!

And, yes I have tried pressing the two keys that brighten and darken the display with no luck!

Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated!


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Sounds like your inverter has gone south. Move the screen up and down to see if it comes up and check the inverter cable. If no change, replace the inverter. Here's the part: G4 Titanium DVI Inverter Board Here's how to install it: PowerBook G4 Titanium DVI Inverter Replacement

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Okay, one more question, the G4 is a 1.33GHz and isn't Titanium are the instructions going to be the same? or will I have to find different take-a-part guide?



If it's a 12" 1.33GHz, it's an Aluminum, not a Titanium. The correct takeapart guide is here:

Installing PowerBook G4 Aluminum 12" 1-1.5 GHz Display Inverter

And the part is here:

G4 Aluminum 12" Display Inverter


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