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Also sold under the GMC Sierra and VIA Vtrux names, available in the US, Canada, Mexico and other countries around the world.

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Why wont my truck start but will slowly crank after an engine swap

Did an engine swap and now it will crank slowly but wont start. What could be some issues. Already put in new battery and double checked grounds

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Kristina McDonald whe you did your engine swab, did you swab the electronics from the donor vehicle as well?


No. We put the same engine in as we pulled out. Do you have to swap out electronics too even if its the same


@Kristina McDonald same year etc. or an engine that fits? A lot of times it does require the electronics as well. Check this answer by @automotive and see what you think. Truck starts for a sec then dies evertime

Yes, different model but same idea.


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Depending on model it could be out of time.

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