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Epson EcoTank L3150 Wi-Fi All-in-One Ink Tank Printer

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Printer does not print in color even after cleaning


I have an Epson L3110 and for some weeks the color printing was getting weaker and weaker.

I followed youtube and cleaned the print head using isopropanol and warm distilled water. After cleaning, there was no blockage to water flowing through the printhead ... everything seemed great. After putting the printhead back in, I did nozzle cleaning 4x to make sure the printhead was loaded with color ... and the color printing was OK!

I turned the printed off for the night and the next day, printing in color resulted in nothing being printed, only black printing worked! I cleaned the head again, did 5x nozzle cleaning to fill the printhead with color, I made sure there is no air in the tubes and when printing in color .. nothing happenned, I still cannot print anything in color.

What am I doing wrong?



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Hi There - I had to go one beyond the Nozzle Cleaning and do a Power Cleaning to get mine sorted.

You can access it by right clicking your printer in control panel/devices and printers and selecting Printing Preferences, then Maintenance tab at the top and then Power Cleaning.

You can only do this once every 12 hours and it uses a lot of ink and also puts that ink into the ink pads, but if you are only doing it once in a blue moon, you should be good to go.

Anyway, worked for me - good luck.

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I did that twice unfortunately without effect. I ordered a bunch of cleaning fluid, will unclog the whole thing again making sure there are no hardened clumps in the tubing, cartidges and tank system and if that doesnt help, Im gonna say goodbye to my printer:)

Thanks for responding, I appreciate it.



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Just for info, for this printer type.

Beware when you use cleaner fluid/injecting your tank manually, sometimes it goes to the flexy cable that point to the head and guess what happened.

  1. It could make your printer regulator death (death printer)
  2. It could make your printer controller defect (some only can print in black and some none of the colour were printed)

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black ink nahi a rahi

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First, FOR THE LOVE OF WHATEVER DEITY YOU BELIEVE IN (if you do), DO NOT POWER FLUSH YOUR PRINTER! You will destroy your waste ink pad!!! This shouldn't be an option unless Epson engineers a replaceable platen waste pad assembly... It's a built-in death clock at best, nuclear murder on machines like this with the NVRAM WIC flagging. SHAME ON YOU FOR MAKING THIS USER ACCESSIBLE EPSON! This BS belongs in the service menu, so the only way to kill your printer as an end user is to be dumb in the service mode.

With that out of the way, it's usually air in the CISS lines or a head clog. If it has white lines between the prints, it's likely air in the CISS assembly. If it's consistent, it usually comes down to being clogged heads. Take the printer apart and manually clean the machine with a cleaner for Epson printheads. Some people disassemble the printers (and I have done it before), but the way Epson engineers the heads inside these printers makes that option impractical unless you are willing to break your printer. To clear the heads out, inject the cleaner inside the printhead and let it sit for ~24 hours; some take more time, some less; others do not have a set time, like the Inket Mall kit (which is priced more for professional models and prosumer wide format, it doesn't make sense for your average Epson ET- series like this). It's also a good idea to get extra syringes and suck 1-2ml of ink out of the dummy carts as you will likely add air into the system by having it apart. Do this at the end, not during the process before reassembly. This is the only reasonable way to avoid putting air in the system. You also have to discard the ink you pull from the lines to ensure you don't add the air you removed into the system.
To take these apart, get something you can use as a prop rod, lift the control panel out and then remove the two screws. Use said prop rod to avoid having the top fall since Epson doesn't have a rod built into the scanner on these printers.

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