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My iPhone 11 just fell into a Luke warm water pls what can I do I just

My iPhone 11 just fell inside Luke warm water I just got the phone 2 months ago pls what can i do now

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Has the phone ever been opened or does it have any cracks? Unless if you see something off such as water/condensation in the camera lens or it starts acting weird it is probably fine since these devices are water resistant. Especially if it was just a quick dunk.

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To start, immediately remove all power from the phone. This entails powering off the phone and disconnecting the battery. Do not follow the common myth of putting the phone in rice, as that is the equivalent of doing nothing. Once the power is disconnected, remove the logic board and take the metal shields off. Drip some isopropyl alcohol onto any corroded points on the board, and scrub gently with a brush. Let the board fully dry, then double check for any more corrosion. For help disassembling the phone, go here:

iPhone 11 Teardown

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