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Apple AirPods, Aralık 2016'da piyasaya sürülen kablosuz kulaklıklardır.

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Can I clean AirPods using an ultrasonic cleaner?

Hi! I have had a pair of 1st Gen AirPods for a couple of years and as expected, they got clogged up with ear wax. Using a toothpick doesn't really do the trick as the wax is stuck in the mesh.

My question is: as I already have an ultrasonic cleaner, could I use it to clean them? Alternatively, can I use some cleaning alcohol on the mesh to try to get it out of there (PhoneFixCraft does this on YouTube).

I am afraid the liquid might damage it, but the alternative is buying a new pair, which would really be a waste as they work perfectly otherwise.

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I really wouldn’t do this as ultrasonic cleaners are really good at putting holes in thin things

The speakers in your airpods have a thin plastic diaphragm that helps makes sound

When ultrasonic frequencies hit that chances are they will put holes in it,a way of demonstrating this is by putting a square piece of aluminium/tin foil in and watch what happens

What I would recommend is getting a small brick and a thing pick and cleaning them that way with isopropyl alcohol,that way is much much safer

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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