My PS3 boots with a black screen regardless of cable used

I've tried a few methods found on this site. However it seems the PS3 might have a broken GPU.

I pray that isn't it because I just took apart another PS3 phat and that was a chore.

But I shut down the console turn the power switch off unplug the HDMI then plug in the old PS2 component cables I have. Flip the switch and boot it up. Black screen. I repeat to go from component to HDMI then try again. Black screen. Did the same with both cables but booted into safe mode. Or tried. Still had a black screen with both.

But with both types of cables in safe mode a collection of random pixels where on the screen. I tested my HDMI cord with a phat PS3 non backwards compatible and it works. Same with my component cables.

Both work on my functional PS3.

I've even tried replacing the hard drive and using some compressed air to blow it out a bit.

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