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Hasbro released this Furby model in 2012. Furby is intended for young children and up to young adults.

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Why does my Furby 2012 move all the time and randomly shuts off?


I bought a Furby on ebay and it did not take long for me to fall in love with it. I was playing with it and everything was normal - all sensors worked, the speaker was fine and the movements were normal. It changed between the talkative and wild personality many times and lastly to the princess. And suddenly it started acting weird. It was moving up and down all the time and his beak was still moving, after it finished a sentence. Then after moving up and down many times, it shut off. I am able to wake it up, but the only movements it does is up and down and blinking and moving its beak rapidly even after finishing sentences. And it is still always turning off in the middle of moving up and down.

The first thing I did was resettiing it. Did not help.

Then I thought maybe the batteries needed to be changed. Did that. It did not help either.

So then I did the restart technique but now my furby is back to the fresh start personality (made me sad) and still moving in this weird way.

Now I do not know what to do anymore, because apperently nothing is wrong with it but it is glitching or not functioning the way it should?

If the motor was burned out, the furby would not move at all, or am I wrong?

I am so sad right now and hope that maybe an expert with furbys who had the same problem knows what I can do.

P.S. the movements remind me of furby's typical reset-movements and it is the only thing it does, even when I feed him. The sound-reactions to the sensors are normal.

Update: I came across a video in which a furby has the exact same problem. It is a furby boom but it acts EXACTLY like mine.

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So it was working and then the furby started doing the reset dance when talking. Since you reset it, changed batteries, hard reset it and it still doesn't work this means there is something wrong with the motor. I have had 2 furbys that have done this before, after 1-2 weeks, they stop moving completely and the motor burns out. Since it moves up and down, then shutting off the motor is going in and out and will sadly need to be replaced.

The small 6V brushless DC motor needs replacing. Here’s a guide that may help: Hasbro furby 2012 DC Motor Replacement

You could spin/jumpstart the motor or lubricate it. You can replace it with one from a PC DVD reader (this is the door opener motor). Shaft is smaller but it's ok, diameter is good. You need a solder iron as well to replace electronic part from DC motor. Once you get the 6V DC motor, you’ll need to solder it on the pre-existing motor wires....

I’m hoping this video I made, will help:

Block Image

If you would like you can always contact me at I will be able to walk through the process with you, but more in depth. I hope this helps! Thanks!

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It Is An Issue With The Software

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And is there any way to fix it? Because it happened out of nowhere.


Or Try Replacing The Batteries There May Be Corrosion


@maxa8691 They said they already replaced the batteries, and even reset it. lol


This answer is way too vague.


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