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The slim edition of the classic Xbox 360 with a 250GB HDD and built-in Wi-Fi. Repair requires intricate prying and special tools.

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Download speed is stuck at 0.01 mbs1

Upload at 12 mbs is fine but download is stuck at 0.01 mb. I have tried connecting directly to cable modem to rule out router issue with no success. Can somebody help. I have tried reset network setting and formatting hard drive.

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It's nothing on your side. MS scaled back the server deployment, there is no guarantee if it will work reliably at reasonable performance.

Not to mention MS server reliability is all over the place for the past several months.

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Thanks. I tried a 2nd Xbox360 and I got same result on MS test although i was able to watch netflix through it it in HD so clearly results are wrong. That said, I constantly get Live errors and disconnects. Based on your comments, it sounds like this is an issue not unique to me. Is that correct?


@davedeutsch It's widespread, unless you happen to live close to a surviving CDN endpoint that still services 360 content, there is no any guarantee of service quality.


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