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The 1996 model was introduced at the 1995 North American International Auto Show using the Chrysler S platform.

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Why is my windshield wiper stalled?

I tried to bush some snow off my windshield and my wipers stopped halfway up my windshield and the motor kept making noise. I took it all apart and nothing in the linkage looks bent. I tried WD-40 on as well and that did nothing. The middle main gear moves but slows down halfway through and needed assistance to get through the rest of the way. What is this issue?

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Sounds like the wiper motor is on its last legs and will probably need replaced. I'm pretty sure half of the Chrysler products in this time frame used the same wiper motor so it shouldn't be hard to find, check somewhere like Amazon before a parts store because you don't need an overpriced, brand name wiper motor for a 20+ year old car. If you give me the exact year I can see if there is a more common issue that could be causing this.

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It’s a 1998.


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