I opened up and fixed my right one, what is that black stuff inside?

I had the problem that my right AirPods was significantly quieter. Since my AirPods are pretty old the crack became so loose that I could slip my nail inside and open the AirPods. I found some black like dirt inside of them. Is that supposed to be in there?

Also at some point I got scared and closed it up and now the right one is working fine again (yay).

Did I just get lucky or did I accidentally repair it somehow?

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On second thoughts might that be my ear wax (sorry for the gross picture lmao)?


@optimus113 Lol, was about to say that!


@nytryder26 well, looks like I have to clean it out. Still, I have no idea how I fixed it, I didn't even do anything


@optimus113 Was probably just dirty?


@nytryder26 I didn't clean it, maybe I moved some of the parts of the speaker in the right position.

Anyway now we know that that could be a problem when your AirPods is suspiciously quiet.


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