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2.0GHz, 2.3GHz, or 2.6GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache.

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Won’t turn on

Brought a new battery from here about a month ago for my MacBook Pro 15” retina late 2013-mid 2014 installed it and it all work fine almost like new.

Then today I went to turn it on and nothing it’s just a black screen when trying to turn it on and no sound just nothing. It’s been fine leading up to this so was very confused as to why it wouldn’t start. It was fully charged the last time I used it and when I plugged the charger in it showed as green.

I tried holding down the power button didn’t work I tried a forced restart still nothing although after doing this the light on the charger went from green to amber and has stayed amber.

I opened up the back and all looked fine from appearance although I don’t know much about the inside of these things. I unplugged the new battery and plugged it back in and retried both start up methods still nothing. I then found on line someone said to unplug the battery and plug in just the charger which then gave off a light ringing noise first sounds of possible life. Tried both start up methods again still nothing. Any suggestion On what this could be or other methods to try before paying to have it looked at or if it is even worth getting it looked at.

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Hi Rose,

Did you get your Mac working. I have the same problem right now. I thought it was battery issue, so I ordered battery from Amazon and replaced it, but still no luck. MBP late 2013.



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You might want to try an SMC reset. You can get instructions on how to do that here. Otherwise the issue may be with the charger you are using as Dan said. Make sure that you are using at least an 85W charger (the 15-inch model needs an 85W or higher charger in order to power on from a fully drained state).

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Brought a new charger today and it didn’t work also have tried SMC reset and still not turning on


Did you confirm that the charger is an 85W or higher charger? If so, it sounds like you have a deeper hardware issue, possibly a bad battery or a problem with the main logic board or another component. You will need to do some troubleshooting to find out if an internal component has failed and is preventing the computer from powering on.


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Are you using the original charger that came with the system or a replacement?

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It’s not the original charger as I had to buy a new one about 5 years ago but still from Apple. Looking at it now the second or fourth pin which ever way your looking at it on the charger seems to have a faint grey colour around it


@rose25426 - Time for a new charger. Only buy directly from Apple! To many knockoffs which can damage your system. If the systems MagSafe port is dirty or worn maybe time to replace it too.


@rose25426 - what is the color of the chargers LED? Amber, green or not lit or very faint.


Amber and when I do the SMC restart it it goes from amber to green then back to amber and its not faint just normal


@rose25426 - Then the battery is under charge. Let it be for a good 10 hours. Is the LED green now, if not time for a new battery.

If it’s Green, let’s locate the Power Pads and give them a try to start the system.


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1. Ensure your Mac has power

The first step is to check, as obvious as it sounds, whether your Mac has any battery life left (or in the case of iMacs whether the cable is connected correctly). Try unplugging and plugging your Mac back in. If you have an older MacBook, your MagSafe cable will show you a green light if the computer is charged and amber if it’s still charging.

As a rule, try to only use Apple-made cables. Even though they could be more expensive (check eBay or Craigslist for secondhand ones), they are more likely to be safe for your Mac and not put extra strain on your battery life. Also, don’t forget to test your outlet it might just be that you’re using a faulty one.

2. Boot up your Mac

Once you know your Mac is powered properly, try turning it on by pressing the power button. Do you hear the fans or any sounds at all? If yes, it might be that your Mac’s problem is with software. If your Mac won’t boot at all, it might be something to do with hardware.

In both cases, when your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air won’t turn on, make sure to disconnect all keyboards, mice, external HDs, and so on to make sure they are not part of the problem. If nothing has changed, you need to do a power cycle.

3. Go through a power cycle

If you’re certain that your MacBook Pro won't boot, a good option is to enable a power cycle, which is basically a forced restart.

To do a power cycle:

Shut down your Mac by pressing the power button (keep pressing)

Unplug all the power cables

Hold the power button for 10 more seconds

Restart the Mac as usual.

On M1 Macs, pressing the power button should bring up the screen with startup options. If that’s the case, you should go for one of those options to try and start up your Mac. Hopefully, the Mac won’t turn on issue is now fixed



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