refrigerator keeps turning off randomly.

It has been about a month since refrigerator turns off randomly. I see the water dispense light is on but no water comes out nor ice. all the light s inside is off (top and bottom). then I unplug power cord wait 10sec then connect to power, then it works again until next time. What should be looking for?

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Hi @ifixsmartphone,

What is the model number of the refrigerator?

What is random, the water/ice dispenser or the refrigerator operating OK?

If the refrigerator does it work OK for approx. 8-10 hours and then turn off and you have to reset it by powering off/on?

If so it may be an auto defrost problem.


It doesn't do 8-10hours. It works for like 5 days then it's off again. It just shut off again, so I had to power cycle and it's working again. Would this be control board issue?



The refrigerator's model number would really help.


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