Model A1046 or A1095 / 1280x854 screen resolution

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Backlight or inverter pointers?

Apple powerbook G41.33GHz 15 A1095

Hi All,

Have been having display problems with my A1095 (yes i know!!) Powerbook G4.

I ave been using as my home ad-hoc network with external screen for a few years now but would like to pass it on to a friend which necessitates fixing the screen and probably replacing the hard drive...

The screen has been doing the same thing for years in coming on briefly on startup, then blacking out.

The LCD info is viewable by shining a torch at it.

The only difference between mine and all the other postings here seems to be that my backlight has developed a distinctly pinkish colour.

Would this indicate a bulb problem (computer shop fix) or

an inverter card problem ( me + spudger + the iFixit guide fix)?

All opines gratefully attended.

Many thanks


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Just to add, the display will come on again briefly if brightness is turned down to zero then back up again. dont know if this helps at all...


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The pinkish color is indicative of a failing CCFL tube but being able to see the desktop indicates a failed inverter board. As the inverter is much cheaper than a new LCD I would replace it first, Apple Part #: 922-6015, 922-6962

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