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Released in 2020. Model: 14-dk1022wm.

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My laptop screen suddenly blacked out and is now in a restart loop.

I have a 2020 HP 14 dk1022wm. For some reason, my laptop screen suddenly blacked out on me while it was running. The process for me was that I pressed and hold the power button for 10-15 seconds until there was no power. Then I power it back up, I get a LED light showing that there is power, then the fan came on for a second then stopped and then my LED light went out then came back on, repeating this loop over and over again; kinda like a boot loop problem, but with a black screen insrtead. I checked all of my components from the RAM to the LCD cable line, but to no avail. And yes, I took the battery/CMOS out and tried troubleshooting it with the battery, but that didn't work. Of all the parts I've checked, they look pretty new.

Is there anything that I over looked, and if so, which part and what do I need to do with it? If not, what part is most likely going to be the problem? Any ideas or solutions?

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Screen on and all white blank

=== Update (08/15/23) ===

Open and show the lobby and within 1sec screens white blank


Laptop no working no on only of how do on not working on


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Service Manual

Did you try reseating the RAM modules?

Have tried taking out the hard drive and then try getting into into the BIOS at all?

Turn on the computer and quickly press f10 or turn on quickly press esc, and then press f10 when the Start menu is displayed.

Also what about HP UEFI diagnostics? Page 69 in Service manual.

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