S8 not turning on, or showing normal signs of life.

I received an s8 from my friend, and upon inspecting it, it did not turn on. No vibrations, no leds, nothing. It appears to be water damaged (indicators were red). However, after opening it up, the motherboard seems to be in good condition with no burn makrs or corrosion. The charging port was a bit corroded, but it cleaned up well after using some alcohol.

The battery smelled of nail polish remover, which i heard is a sign of a leaking battery.

With the phone opened up, and when connected to the charger (battery and other components connected as well), the cpu part of the board got warm, making me believe the motherboard is indeed working. However, I'm confused as there's no vibration, display, or led lights)

Just to be safe, I cleaned the entire thing with 99% alcohol and let it dry.

If anyone has any ideas on how to get it started, please let me know

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you would need a multimeter to check for short circuits


I'd try a new charge port and a new battery. Also invest in a USB power meter to see what power the phone is taking. Usually 1 to 2 amp is ok. Anything higher could be a sign of a short.


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