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The Motorola DROID 3 is a smartphone by Verizon Wireless running the Android 2.3 operating system by Google.

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sucessful replacement of droid 3 screen?

Has anybody yet successfully replaced a cracked droid 3 screen? if so any woes or difficulties? adhesive that needs replacing. wires hard to get back in place?

I plan on replacing mine if it is possible. I have reasonable teardown and repair knowledge but not much with newer phones.



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The Motorola Droid 3 is not easy to get apart due to the fact the little bugger has no security screws, is a slider, and the display and digitizer are glued together, and the assembly is glued to the phone as well.

In the war against adhesive a moderate quality heat gun is your ally, as at softens the adhesive allowing you to remove the components without utterly destroying the fragile plastic housing.

A step by step guide can be found here:

If you wind up doing this, take photos and document it on iFixit as a giude!

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I am very experienced in repairing broken screens on androids and Iphones. I have a motorola droid 3 xt862 taken apart now for the 2nd time. I replaced the glass digitizer with a new one replacement part I ordered online- just taken out of package. I refer to youtube for disassembly videos each time I'm working with a new model to me. There were 2 good videos on youtube that I watched as I did the repair. I've put the phone back together and had a digitizer that didn't work. Twice now. (I did a 2nd tear down and reassembled to be sure I didn't miss a connection or something, and I didn't). So I'm at a loss. I've replaced the screen with a brand new one- and after repairing (or attempting to) the motorola droids that i have to present day, I think that motorola has incorporated into the design some type of element that prevents the digitizer from working once replaced. If not, then I don't understand how a brand new part won't work when I am 100% sure I've completed the repair exactly as it should be done with a working part.

If you still want to give it a shot- BEWARE YOU MUST HAVE A T5 TORQUE SCREWDRIVER AND FOR THE VERY LAST 5 SCREWS HOLDING THE LCD TO SCREEN YOU WILL NEED A T3 OR T4 TO REMOVE. You can get these on ebay for about $5 for a T3-T8 set, or I also found a really cool one at Lowes- brand name KOBALT model # 239384 screwdriver that has a holder in the handle that contains 8 bits (T4 and up). I found that the T4 in this Kobalt one from Lowes actually is smaller than the MOLYBDAN brand one i bought on ebay. Go find the tool at lowes its well worth the $6.98 I paid last week for it and love it as ive replaced my others with this one very cool tool for cell phone repairs...

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I too have Droid 3 phones. Actually I have four of em and only one operational one. The digitizer doesn't work on 2 of them and the display doesn't work on the 3rd. I ordered a digitizer and a display fom repair universe. I had difficulty getting a T3 driver. The one that came from RepairUniverse is useless being a cheap non-hardened tool. I found a kit in Radio Shack of all places! A kit by I! Anyway I can quickly dissasemble the Droids by have been unsuccessful getting the digitizer to work. I suspect the complete ribbon assembly needs replacement. That's where I'm at...

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